Irradiated Circuitry

Jessica Jane Julius large installation Irradiated Circuitry is made from flameworked glass and copper wire that are fused together on a torch to create an atmospheric network that speaks to the order and chaos of language.


Irradiated Circuitry has been installed in 3 versions in 2018 with the largest version pictured here from Jessica Jane Julius solo exhibition “On the Verge” at VisArts.

Washington Post review: Mark Jenkins states “It can be seen to express chaos and confusion, or to discover beauty in a random array of black marks.”

In an Interview with Glass Quarterly Megan Biddle states “Copper was once used to connect us through telephone cables, an advancement that changed the way we communicate. In her installation Jessica uses copper wire connected with bits of glass, forming a delicate net of chaos. It makes me think of how overly connected we are with technology so rapidly advancing. Her drawings use press type lettering, reconfiguring recognizable letters into shapes, giving the alphabet new meaning.” 


Each ball is made using a torch and then fused to copper wire to create smaller components. These parts are then connected in larger sections for install.


Image of the artist Jessica Jane Julius within the installation.