HUSH exhibition, Philadelphia Art Alliance

The Philadelphia Art Alliance is pleased to present HUSH, an exhibition that brings together the work of artists Megan Biddle, Amber Cowan, Jessica Jane Julius and Sharyn O'Mara. Working over the course of a year, the artists, who are also colleagues on the glass faculty at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, created visually and conceptually diverse works that include site-specific installations as well as individual sculptures and drawings. At the outset, the artists recognized commonalities in their practice: reflection (literal and figurative) and distillation. They began with a collective desire to see past the over stimulus of the digital age and to focus on the analog, narrow the vocabulary from color to grayscale, and capture the power of memory and reflection in interpretation of experience. And yet, there is nothing simplistic either in the ambition or scope of any of the artists' work.


details from my workin progress for the exhibition